Make the progress bars and graphs more configurable and themable
[delightful.git] / delightful / widgets / pulseaudio.lua
2016-03-17 Tuomas JormolaMake the progress bars and graphs more configurable...
2016-03-17 Tuomas JormolaUse single quotes
2016-03-09 Tuomas JormolaMinor cleanups
2016-03-09 Tuomas JormolaReally fix zero volume
2016-03-09 Tuomas JormolaFixed volume icon if volume is zero
2016-03-08 Tuomas JormolaUpdate for Awesome 3.5.6 as packaged in Ubuntu 15.10...
2016-03-06 Tuomas JormolaUse device.description instead of when obtain...
2016-03-06 Tuomas JormolaFixed volume parsing with never versions of PulseAudio
2016-03-06 Łukasz Stelmach[untested] Adjust default icon names for Gnome's defaul...
2012-11-17 Michal BodanskyBroken volume parser
2012-09-09 Tuomas JormolaWhitespace fix for previous the patch
2012-09-09 Panayiotis Karabassisfix pulseaudio bugs with arbitrary sink_nums table
2011-01-23 Tuomas JormolaUpdate copyright year
2011-01-21 Tuomas JormolaInitial import