descriptionClone of with my patches
ownerTuomas Jormola <>
last changeWed, 3 Nov 2010 19:02:24 +0000 (16:02 -0300)
2010-11-03 Antonio TerceiroUse the correct icon for the "Settings" menu origin/master
2010-09-25 Fei Wong Reedfixed exception when icon doesn't exists and prevents...
2010-06-13 Laurent ArnoudRecognize desktop entry key 'NoDisplay'
2009-06-28 Gustavo DutraFixed and improved blank menu item removing process...
2009-03-17 Antonio TerceiroAllow config. of where to look for applications
2009-03-17 Antonio TerceiroRemoving extra space
2009-03-17 Antonio TerceiroMake icon types and paths configurable.
2009-03-17 Antonio TerceiroBetter command-line composition.
2009-03-14 Antonio TerceiroRemove seeall
2009-03-14 Antonio TerceiroReverse sorting bad indexes for removal
2009-03-13 Antonio TerceiroUpdating README
2009-03-13 Antonio Terceiromore TODO items
2009-03-13 Antonio TerceiroAdding user-defined icon size list.
2009-03-13 Antonio TerceiroCreating menu inside a function.
2009-03-13 Antonio TerceiroFixing indentation to 4 spaces
2009-03-13 Antonio Terceiroadding a TODO file
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