2010-11-03 Antonio TerceiroUse the correct icon for the "Settings" menu origin/master
2010-09-25 Fei Wong Reedfixed exception when icon doesn't exists and prevents...
2010-06-13 Laurent ArnoudRecognize desktop entry key 'NoDisplay'
2009-06-28 Gustavo DutraFixed and improved blank menu item removing process...
2009-03-17 Antonio TerceiroAllow config. of where to look for applications
2009-03-17 Antonio TerceiroRemoving extra space
2009-03-17 Antonio TerceiroMake icon types and paths configurable.
2009-03-17 Antonio TerceiroBetter command-line composition.
2009-03-14 Antonio TerceiroRemove seeall
2009-03-14 Antonio TerceiroReverse sorting bad indexes for removal
2009-03-13 Antonio TerceiroUpdating README
2009-03-13 Antonio Terceiromore TODO items
2009-03-13 Antonio TerceiroAdding user-defined icon size list.
2009-03-13 Antonio TerceiroCreating menu inside a function.
2009-03-13 Antonio TerceiroFixing indentation to 4 spaces
2009-03-13 Antonio Terceiroadding a TODO file
2009-03-13 Antonio TerceiroCentralizing the logic for icon lookup
2009-02-21 Stefano Vernaupdated README
2009-02-21 Stefano VernaAdded dirs and files icons to Desktop
2009-02-18 Antonio TerceiroAdjusts neeeded after major refactoring.
2009-02-17 Antonio Terceiroipairs is needed here
2009-02-17 Julien Danjouremove seeall
2009-02-17 Julien Danjoumove category splitting into utils
2009-02-17 Julien Danjoufix typo
2009-02-17 Julien Danjouremove useless string module
2009-02-17 Julien Danjousimplify parsing
2009-02-17 Julien Danjousplit parse() and parse_dir()
2009-02-16 Antonio TerceiroSeveral enhancements.
2009-02-16 steffoz- desktop icons are a lot less ugly now :) - better...
2009-02-14 Antonio TerceiroSimplified menu creation code.
2009-02-14 Antonio TerceiroLooking for icons in status/ folder also.
2009-02-14 Antonio TerceiroLooking for icons in more subdirectories.
2009-02-14 Antonio TerceiroUpdating README.
2009-02-14 Antonio TerceiroDon't hardcode icon paths for menu
2009-02-14 Antonio TerceiroEnhanced icon lookup function.
2009-02-14 Antonio TerceiroUser can choose which terminal to use.
2009-02-14 Antonio TerceiroFixing item insertion
2009-02-14 Antonio TerceiroOnly try to interpret the command line if exists
2009-02-14 Antonio TerceiroAdding proper indentation following awesome style
2009-02-14 Antonio TerceiroSplitting the monolithic module
2009-02-13 Antonio TerceiroAdding screenshot
2009-02-13 Antonio TerceiroInitial version.